“We are completely dependent on our server environment being stable as we use it to run our newspapers Vasabladet, Österbottens Tidning and Syd-Österbotten. Recently, as our server platform had to be updated, we made the decision to switch into a new platform. We have been very pleased with the technical support we have received and with the fact that we have no longer had to take care of maintaining our servers ourselves.”

Mika Suomalainen – IT-Manager, HSS Media

Vi använder kontinuerlig integrering och behöver kunna lansera med ett kommando. Inga tidigare leverantörer erbjöd den service vi behövde och mycket tid gick åt till serverundehåll. Efter att vi överlät serverhanteringen kunde vi fokusera våra tech-resurser bättre. Vi har flera gånger imponerats över servicenivån och hur snabbt det gått från beställning till implementation.

Christoffer Björkskog, Senior Developer, Genero

Dedicated hosting service

A dedicated server is a physical server for rented entirely for your own use. This guarantees your company maximum performance, reliability and security.

Our dedicated server customers take care of their virtual server management themselves while North Shore Datacenter provides maintenance of the server platform and 24/7 security. We also offer a fault-tolerant disk storage as an extra service to our dedicated server customers.

Our customers can choose a server that best fits their needs. We have no fixed price for the dedicated server service but instead negotiate it individually with each of our customers, taking into account server capacity, the number of virtual servers and the need for server maintenance, among other things. Our standard package includes 100 Mbps broadband, 1 public IP, firewall and VPN capability. The services and connections of all major Internet service providers are available in our data centers.

A dedicated server in a secure, state-of-the-art data center

North Shore has three highly secure and cost-effective, state-of-the-art data centers located in a tranquil area by the Baltic Sea. By renting a dedicated server from us you will have a physical server that is dedicated entirely to your company and can rest assured that your virtual servers are hosted in a reliable data center where security and undisturbed operation are guaranteed.

Backup generators and a UPS system ensure uninterrupted power in our data centers. A dry extinguishing system is used to prevent fires. Our experienced staff monitors the premises around the clock, performing necessary maintenance and making sure that your data is secure.

Environmentally friendly, high-performance hosting service

North Shore has two data centers in Jakobstad and one in Vasa. The nearby Baltic Sea provides our data centers with plenty of cost-effective natural cooling. Our data centers are in normal conditions powered by 100 % green energy, provided by the Finnish electricity company Herrfors. Backup power is provided by generators.

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