“We are completely dependent on our server environment being stable as we use it to run our newspapers Vasabladet, Österbottens Tidning and Syd-Österbotten. Recently, as our server platform had to be updated, we made the decision to switch into a new platform. We have been very pleased with the technical support we have received and with the fact that we have no longer had to take care of maintaining our servers ourselves.”

Mika Suomalainen – IT-Manager, HSS Media

Reliable colocation for companies who use their own servers

North Shore’s data centers offer modern, secure, and cost-effective colocation for your server equipment. Our backup power generators and UPS system ensures uninterrupted power supply while a dry extinguishing system prevents fires in the facilities. The high-performance cooling system makes colocation at North Shore also a cost-effective server solution.

Modern data centers on the shores of the Baltic Sea

Our data centers are located in the Ostrobothnia region of Finland, two of them in Jakobstad and one in Vasa. The cool maritime climate makes the location excellent for data centers as the unlimited supply of cold sea-air provides us with a highly efficient and inexpensive cooling system, one that allows high performance computing in our data centers. In the future, we will also start to use a seawater cooling system in one of our Jakobstad data centers.

Another benefit of the region are its highly reliable and fast network connections. At the moment there are also plans to establish a new high-capacity data cable connection from Europe to Asia via the Arctic Sea. This Arctic Connect cable will, when finished, benefit also the Ostrobothnia region and North Shore’s data centers.

The services and connections of all major Internet service providers are available in our data centers. The centers are also easily accessible from abroad thanks to there being two airports in the area.

Secure colocation centers

By choosing North Shore as your colocation centre you can be sure that your company’s data is kept safe. In two of our data centers, Vasa V1 and Jakobstad S8, our clients are given access only to their own server cabinets. In our third data center Jakobstad A3 the cabinets can only be accessed by our own staff. In addition to highly restricted access, security is provided by a 24/7 manned control room from which our staff monitors the premises.

Environmentally friendly, uninterrupted energy

In normal conditions, our data centers are powered by 100 % green energy, provided by the Finnish electricity company Herrfors. Backup power is provided by generators that are tested weekly and have enough fuel to keep the data centers powered for over a week. We use a UPS system to ensure uninterrupted power during power outages.

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