Data center and hosting services for ICT providers

North Shore DC is a reliable provider of data center and hosting services based in Ostrobothnia, Finland. Our state-of-the-art data centers offer ICT companies a stable and modern platform for implementing their IT and cloud services  SaaS, IoT, web hosting, etc. We offer for rent virtual private servers, dedicated servers and colocation space. We also give consultation on choosing the best, most cost-effective server solution for your needs.

North Shore also provides project management services and offers a remote hands service for companies who wish to outsource some of the maintenance and tasks that their server equipment requires. Our experienced staff is ready to serve our customers in three languages, English, Swedish and Finnish.

Reliable, high-performance hosting in a safe Finnish location

North Shore has three modern, 24/7 monitored data centers in Ostrobothnia, Finland. The vicinity of the Baltic Sea makes the location ideal for providing hosting services as the cool climate provides plenty of inexpensive natural cooling to our data centers.

Another advantage are the high-speed data connections the area has, both to the rest of Finland as well as to overseas. At the moment there are plans to establish a new high-capacity data cable connection from Europe to Asia via the Arctic Sea. This Arctic Connect cable will, when finished, benefit also the Ostrobothnia region and North Shore’s data centers. Thanks to plane and train connections, North Shore’s data centers are also easily accessible from other parts of Finland and abroad.

The area is also among the safest data center locations in the world since the risk of natural disasters and other disturbances is extremely low in Finland. You can be sure that your business data is physically located in a safe place as we only use our own data centers to store our customers data. The security of our facilities is ensured by 24/7 monitoring. Backup generators and UPS make sure that there are no power failures while a dry extinguishing system prevents fires from starting.

Environmentally-friendly data centers

North Shore’s data centers are powered by 100% green electricity, provided by the Finnish electricity company Herrfors. As a backup power supply we use generators that are tested weekly and have enough fuel to keep the data centers powered for over a week.

Why choose North Shore’s hosting services

  • Hosting services that are tailored to fit your need
  • Secure data centers with 24/7 surveillance
  • Fast and reliable data connections
  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly hosting in Finland
  • Remote hands and project management
  • Uninterrupted power guaranteed
  • Dry fire extinguishing system