The region offers a unique combination of a nationally high level entrepreneurship, international trade with a large share of production going to export together with a centuries long tradition of international trade. As result the region is highly international and home to many world leading tech companies and a network of highly specialized suppliers.

High Level of entrepreneurship

The area has a strong tradition of entrepreneurship and the largest number of companies per capita on the mainland of Finland. A large share of the local companies have international customers, some are highly specialized in niche markets while others are part of a whole cluster of companies within an industry. One industry which is mainly concentrated to the area exports about 95% of their production.

Long and established tradition of international commerce

Being located by the coast and being storngly bilingual, Ostrobothnia has established a long tradition of exports and international commerce since the golden days of tar exports in the 16th century.

Today Ostrobothnia is the top exporting area of the country when calculated per capita. The value of exports in Central Ostrobothnia was 1848 million Eur and 3548 million In Ostrobotnia in 2018. Calculated per capita this equals about 27000 Eur in Central Ostrobothnia and 20000 Eur in Ostrobothnia, compared to 11500Eur for the country as a whole. Source:

Home of world leading high tech companies

A long tradition of international commerce and high entrepreneurhsip, combined with an ambition for quality, can be seen from our old well kept decorative houses to our high tech world leading exporters such as Nautor, Swan (luxury yachts), Mirka (surface finishing products) and beamex (CCCC) and several others now being part of larger entreprises through mergers.

Jakobstad, also called Pietarsaari in Finnish, is a Mecca of small and medium-sized export companies. The town is full of export-oriented niche businesses that thrive on the global markets. There are companies that have fewer than 50 employees yet export to more than 50 countries!

Nearby cities Kokkola (37 km to the north) is Finlands top exporting city and Vaasa (98 km to the south) is the city with the biggest concentration of energy technology companies in the Nordic countries.