Reliable Green energy

Finland has one of the most reliable electric grids in the world with a 99.99982 transmission reliability – Low and decreasing CO2 emissions in power production. CO2-emissions were reduced to 1/3 from 2006 to 2016

Low operating costs

Low operation costs are achieved thanks to a cool climate that gives us practiaclly free cooling. – Low energy prices together with a possibility to sell waste heat, helps reduce both energy costs and the CO2 foot print further.

Low risk

As described in more detail, Finland is a safe and stable society with low crime and corruption, a long tradition of equal rights and rule of law and privacy. – Safe geological location with low risk for natural disasters, such as earth quakes, hurricanes or or severe flooding or draughts – 2016 Data Center Risk Index by Cushman & Wakefield lists Finland as No. 4

High education and competence

Education in Finland is free for its citizens inlcuding university degrees. The school system is also successful at the lower level, which can be seen in consistently high PISA scores.

Finland is largely known for its high technology and engineering. Although a small country, Finland has a large number of technologically advanced companies.