According to 2019 country ratings at which compares business and economic data for 200 countries, Finland occupied the top spot in several categories and was amongst the best performers in many more.

Stable society

Finland is a stable country with low political risk and corruption. It is known for hard work, even economic development and high standards for rule of law, human rights and privacy.

Low risk for violent conflicts, riots or war

Finland has been not been involved in any armed conflict since WW2. Finland as a neutral and peace-loving nation, is internationally known for its role in diplomacy and the UN.

Being on of the most democratic nations, having equal education opportunities for all and being one of the countries with the lowest income inequality, there are no security threats such as riots or gang wars.

High education and competence

Education in Finland is free for its citizens including university degrees. The school system is also successful at the lower level, which can be seen in consistently high PISA scores.

Finland is largely known for its high technology and engineering. Although a small country, Finland has a large number of technologically advanced companies.

Low risk for natural disasters

Regarding natural disasters Finland is one of the safest places to be. According to World Risk Report from 2019, Finland was ranked 9th overall with low scores in each category (exposure, vulnerability, susceptibility, lack of of coping capabilities and lack of adapative capabilities.

Source: The WorldRiskReport

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