The site is located in Jakobstad (Pietarsaari) within an industrial zoned area with two existing concrete building shells. Size of the buldings is 3300 m2 and 3200+300 m2 available for data center use with 300 m2 connected office building. The building shells are immediately suitable for container data center use due to the high ceiling height, open floor layout and easy load in and good transportation connections via road, railway and harbour and airports.

The buildings can also be transformed into finished data center halls if required. The site has unused building permits of 62000 m2, which allows groth for the future. Construction and environment permits as well as fire and rescue plans are pre-approved by all authorities.


Information and technical data


Ready built 20kV distribution from two diverse feeds available on-site (7,5MW + 2,5MW), with possibility of expandeing power supply with both 20kV and/or 110kV connection.


The site offers free cooling potential 365 days a year.


Very stable and fast connections to the national fiber network and thus to Europe and the Nordic Countries are available. Dark fiber and conduit can be arranged to the site. Our region is in leading position for supply of high-speed fiber broadband in Finland.


There are a harbor and heavy railway near to the site which makes accessibility very efficient both in construction phase and in operation phase. There are good connections to the area via railroad, main roads or by plane with two international airports nearby. The site is near Jakobstad city center and is easily accessible.

Environmental aspects and low CO2 foot print

Locally produced renewable energy sources available as default (biomass, biogas, biofuel, water, wind). The data center has a reliable and cost-effective location for energy supply near by the world’s largest biofuel CHP power plant. Waste heat can be re-used in the local heating network.

Economic and environmental aspects

– Ready built infrastructure drives down initial investment costs. For expanding all key factors are in place within 0-5 km.

– Green power (hydroelectric, wind power and biofuel) is by default available from Herrfors Oy Ab.

– Main district heating feeds pass outside the border of the site and can be utilized for feeding waste heat into the district heating network for the city of Jakobstad.

Notes on local ecosystem

– North Shore Data Center can also offer planning, coordination or turnkey solutions in data center establishments.

– Owners JNT and Herrfors Oy Ab can supply both expertise within their relevant fields during design phase and construction and can also offer complete Operations & Maintenance packages for the future data center, as they both possess core expertise in all relevant fields.

– The property owner FAB is a local company that invests in real estate to enable and support corporate and small industry establishments in the region.